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How to Eat Oysters Like a Pro

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Oysters are an irresistible appetizer at upscale restaurants, but once they arrive on the table, you may have second thoughts. Don't be intimidated by these delectable delights. We're happy to teach you how to eat oysters like a pro, so you can consume as many as your heart desires on your next date night or outing with friends at Rusty Pelican. Follow along to learn the best way to eat oysters so you can enjoy every bite.

Step 1: Use the Small Fork  & Chew

Typically, a small fork is provided alongside oysters. Your server should bring them along with the oysters, or you may have one sitting beside your plate. Use this tiny fork to loosen the oyster from its shell gently. Once it's free, carefully lift the shell upwards toward your mouth. Tip the shell and let the oyster slide smoothly into your mouth.

Now that the oyster has made it successfully into your mouth, it's important to chew your oyster properly. Some people like to swallow them whole, but chewing helps you to savor the delicate flavor profile best. When consuming an oyster, make sure you also enjoy the "oyster liquor" that's in the shell. Its briny flavor will enhance the oyster flavors and should never be discarded. 

Step 2: Pair Them With Something Delicious

Oysters are delightful on their own, but they are even more scrumptious when combined with other foods. Our Seafood Tower combines oysters, poached shrimp, cold water lobster, crab salad, and sushi, alongside fresh ceviche. This allows you to share a variety of seafood delights with a friend (or several friends) without having to pick just one item from the menu. They're especially perfect for date nights since we offer Seafood Tower, that's made for two people. 

Oysters can also be enjoyed alongside a variety of other dishes. Rusty Pelican's Surf and Turf includes seafood components like poached lobster alongside a land protein like tender filet mignon. Vegetable sides, including goat cheese, Peruvian potatoes, and grilled broccolini, balance your meal so you leave feeling satisfied and comfortably full.

Step 3: Add a Proper Cocktail 

Eating oysters and drinking a cocktail go together like Florida sunshine and warm, sandy beaches. Pair your oysters with a fresh champagne-forward cocktail like our Lilet Spritz or Pour Decisions, our dark scotch mixed drink. Check out our full Bar Menu online to start narrowing down your choices. We offer a large wine selection, beer, signature cocktails, and fine cigars. Savor your oysters and mixed beverages in the bar and lounge area that boasts one-of-a-kind waterfront views. Relaxing music permeates the space while a cozy fire pit beckons you to stay a while.

Now that you're a pro at eating oysters, you can confidently order and consume them in public whenever you'd like. Rusty Pelican's oysters are the freshest oysters you'll find in Florida, and we'd be happy to recommend the perfect drink for you to enjoy alongside your meal.

Rusty Pelican in Miami Has The Best Views & Oysters Miami Has to Offer

Rusty Pelican prides itself on being an upscale dining spot in the heart of Miami. We offer fresh seafood and craft cocktails in a contemporary space that beckons you to sit back, relax, and take in the scenery. Our friendly staff is happy to make your visit special, from appetizers to coffee and dessert. Check out our online menu to discover some of the best seafood in Miami. 

Make a reservation to visit us soon! We look forward to serving you at Rusty Pelican.