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How to Make Delicious Grilled Oysters

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Oysters are absolutely delicious no matter how they are prepared, and they are incredibly versatile as an appetizer, entree, or snack. Grilled oysters are exceptionally crisp and satisfying, and best of all, they are fairly easy to prepare. At the Rusty Pelican, we serve the best-charbroiled oysters in Miami.

What Are Grilled Oysters?

Grilled oysters are typically served on the half shell with a garlicky, butter-based sauce. Their soft texture and briny, salty flavor make them an irresistible appetizer to serve to guests or enjoy at home. They can be served alone or paired with lemon juice, mignonette sauce, or cocktail sauce.

Can You Grill Oysters Without Shucking Them?

Shucking oysters can be difficult, so it's perfectly fine to grill them partially without shucking them first. To do this:

  1. Place your oysters cup-side up on your preheated grill.

  2. Once they have cooked for about a minute, remove the oysters and shuck them.

  3. Hold the oyster with a gloved hand and open it carefully with a shucking knife, a butter knife, or even a clean flathead screwdriver.

  4. Once it is opened, return each oyster to the grill to continue cooking.

How to Shuck Oysters

Shucking oysters can be tricky if you don't know how. Here are some simple steps to follow to safely and easily shuck oysters.

  1. Grab your oyster knife. A butter knife or a clean flathead screwdriver will work if you don't have an oyster knife.

  2. Find an oven mitt or glove to protect your hands.

  3. Place the cupped side of the oyster in your non-dominant hand. 

  4. Find the oyster's hinge, where the shells connect.

  5. Carefully insert your oyster knife into the hinge.

  6. Twist the knife and move it back and forth until the oyster opens. 

  7. Use your oyster knife to cut the adductor muscle, which keeps the shells connected to one another. Slide your knife around the opening carefully to avoid cutting the oyster inside.

  8. Remove the shell and examine your oyster. If it looks odd or smells fishy, throw it in the garbage. If it looks good, it's time to throw it on the grill!

4 Tips for Making Grilled Oysters

Grilling oysters is fairly straightforward, making it the perfect way to impress your friends and guests. Follow these four steps, and your charbroiled oysters in Miami will be soft, juicy, and delicious.

1. Use Fresh, High-Quality Oysters

If your oysters aren't fresh, they won't taste very good, no matter how impressive your grilling skills are. Check your oysters once they have been shucked, and look for signs that they are fresh and of the highest quality. 

If they are opaque and smell fresh, they are ready to grill. If your oysters look dry, withered, or smell fishy, then it's best to toss them. Seawater is also a good indication that your oyster is fresh.

2. Experiment with Different Ingredients

Select ingredients that enhance the mild, briny flavor of your oysters, like fresh herbs and spices. Some tried, and true ingredients include cayenne, smoked paprika, Old Bay seasoning, and grated parmesan cheese. Get creative and make a signature flavor of your own for your grilled oysters.

3. Handle the Oysters Properly

Oysters are delicate, and it is important to make sure you don't spill a drop of their decadent buttery filling. Use heat-resistant gloves to handle your oysters. If you don't have gloves, carefully handle your oysters on the half-shell with grilling tongs.

4. Serve Immediately

Not that we need to mention it, but your oysters should be consumed as soon as they are ready to eat. Don't let them sit on a platter for long since charbroiled oysters can cause foodborne illnesses. Fortunately, they are so delicious you likely won't need to worry about this tip.

How to Grill Oysters Like a Pro

Preheat your grill to 450 degrees and place your shucked oysters shell-side down on a baking sheet. You can also put them directly on the grates of your grill. Top each oyster with butter and your favorite fresh herbs, and close the grill. Let the oysters cook for about five minutes or until they simmer in their shells. Once your chargrilled oysters are finished cooking, serve them immediately.

Enjoy the Best Oysters & Seafood in the Miami Area!

If you are craving charbroiled oysters in Miami but don't want to deal with the hassle of grilling them yourself, make a reservation at Rusty Pelican today. We offer an extensive menu with fresh seafood and delicious cocktails with stunning waterfront views. Stop by Rusty Pelican and taste the best oysters and seafood and Miami.